Manufacturing quality extruded & molded rubber components for automobile & engineering industry in various rubbers.

We also specialise in maintenance in Rubber Components in small quantities.



ASDA has a manufacturing facility equipped to manufacture Molded rubber components, Extruded Rubber components, Profiles, Metal to rubber bonded components and a vast range of other products. These products are manufactured in compounds consisting of EPDM, nitrile, neoprene, silicon, viton, SBR, Natual rubber, polyurethane and various other elstomers. These products are oil resistant, ozone-resistant, heat & cold resistant, flex-crack resistant and have excellent appearance apart from other functional requirements as specified by our customers.

  Molded Rubber Components :

›› Gaskets :

Varieties : Tappet and Valve Cover Gaskets, Automobile and Electrical range of gaskets

›› Seals :

Quality : ¬ Stress & Strain Tolerant  ¬ Temperature, Pressure, Chemical Tolerant  ¬ Tear & Wear Resistant

Applications : ¬ Automobile, Engineering, Sealing, Electrical Industry  ¬ Pharma Industries


Oil Seal

O Rings

U Seals

Viper Seals

Piston Seal

Combination Seal

Non symmetrical Seals

Water Pump Seals

Double & single way seals

V Seals

Rod Seals

Dust Cover Seal

Seals with Thrust Rings

Rotary Seals

›› Bellows :

Quality : ¬ Coolant, Water and Air Tolerant

Customized Manufacturing : ¬ Can be manufactured on order in various shapes and sizes.

››Diaphragms :

Customized Manufacturing : ¬ Can be manufactured on order in various shapes and thickness

›› Bushes :

Quality : ¬ High impact and load bearing, with metal inserts when required

Customized Manufacturing : ¬ Can be manufactured on order in various shapes and sizes

›› Grommets :

Quality : ¬ Manufactured for perfect fitment and long lasting.

›› O Rings :

Quality : ¬ Manufactured in various sizes, flashless and even four way and quad rings are made by ASDA.

  Extruded Rubber Components :

›› Rubber Chords :

Shapes : ¬ Round, Square and Profiles extruded to specific drawings as per customized demand.

›› Rubber Sheets :

¬ Various sheet thickness, calendered and molded finish with physical properties provided as per customized needs.
¬ Comes in Natural rubber, SBR, Chloroprene, NBR, EPDM, Silicon and other polymers. ASDA sheets can be supplied in long lengths as well.

Quality : ¬ Can with stand physical stress and can be subjected to wear and tear.

Finishing : ¬ Smooth Finish, Calendered Finish, Fluted Rubber Sheets, Checkered Rubber Mats.

Special Applications : ¬ Conveyor quality Rubber Sheets (Fabric Reinforced with insertions varying number of ply as per requirements), Electrical grade rubber sheets.

›› Rollers :

¬ Broad range of rubber rollers as well as polyurethane rollers can be manufactured.

Quality : ¬ Different polymers and various hardnesses are available as per customized need. Chemical and abrasion resistant.

Applications : ¬ Various applications


  Others :

›› Polyurethane :

¬ Seals, Molded Components, Millable Polyurethane, Castable Polyurethane, Polyurethane Rods, Pipes, Polyurethane Sheets, Polyurethane Rollers

›› PTFE : Polytetra Flouro Ethylene

¬ Packings
¬ Other molded Components

›› Nylon, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PP Thermoplastics in general

¬ ASDA also does some components in the above range.


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